Why Darcey & Stacey Silva’s Baby Fever Is Confusing To Fans

Why Darcey & Stacey Silva's Baby Fever Is Confusing To Fans

90 Day Fiancé spin-off series stars Darcey and Stacey Silva have finally found their happily-ever-after. Now, they want to add a baby to their family.

After numerous seasons on 90 Day Fiance, the stars of the TLC spin-off series Darcey & Stacey have finally found their happily-ever-after! But could these mid-forty-year-old ladies be yearning for another addition to their growing families?

Multiple reports have surfaced about the twins wanting a family with their much-younger significant others. It makes sense, as neither one of these younger beaus have any children from previous relationships, unlike Darcey and Stacey. But will the fertility gods bless these ladies? Only time will tell, but you can bet the ladies will do all they can to have mini-versions of their exotic lovers. The twins gained popularity from their appearances on the TLC hit show 90 Day Fiancé. This show follows couples around as they navigate relationships with someone from a different country. Now, the twins have a show of their own that documents all the ups and downs of their love lives.

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According to Soap Dirt, the twin ladies are in sync with each other when it comes to major milestones in their lives. Their first marriages aligned, as did their children from the first marriages. Then, their divorces occurred around the same time. Now, the two have found love with younger, more virile significant others. But if they already had their first round of family life, why would these two want to start over at forty-six years young? Could it be a way for them to intimately connect and share a forever bond with their new beaus? Or are the ladies simply ignoring the reality of being much older than their significant others?

Darcey and Stacey Silva: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé

Darcey recently stated in an interview that she and Georgi definitely want a child in the future. Being in their mid-forties, surely these ladies realize taking care of a new bundle of joy will be exhausting. Not to mention, they’ll be in their sixties by the time the bouncing babies graduate high school. Still, life doesn’t have to end at the young age of 46. If Darcey and Stacey really want to expand their families, there’s nothing stopping them from having more babies. That is, if their partners agree to it.

What is going to happen next with these two twins? After the season finale of Darcey & Staceywe’ll have to rely on the twins’ Instagram accounts and public updates to see if more babies are waiting in their future. Stacey is newly married and Darcey is recently engaged. If they truly want new babies, they’ll probably get started soon.

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Source: Soap Dirt

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