‘Where Cards Fall’ is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in early 2021

'Where Cards Fall' is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in early 2021

One of the highlights of last year’s Apple Arcade launch was Where Cards Fall, a slice-of-life puzzle game where you would create houses of cards to guide your character through an artfully geometric landscape. It was an Apple Arcade exclusive at the time, and was certainly one of the more compelling reasons to subscribe to the service. Now, however, it will finally be arriving for the Nintendo Switch, Steam and the Epic Games Store early next year.

Where Cards Fall is meant to be a mobile game, but its story and mechanics are far deeper than is typical of the genre. In our hands-on last year, our own Jessica Conditt said that the game is rich and highly interactive, as you’re building a living world without any discrete levels or loading screens. Building the cards might be simple, but figuring out the puzzles gets more difficult over time. The upside is that there’s no death in this game, so you get to focus in on the puzzles and the story without having to worry about dying.

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