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Trump Gets ‘Fox & Friend-Zoned’

“Wow, Steve Doocy just told the president of the United States, ‘Don’t call us, we’ll call you.’ Imagine that — he’s the most powerful man in the world and they’re treating him like he’s a Jehovah’s Witness who’s also selling timeshares.” — TREVOR NOAH

“President Trump called into ‘Fox & Friends’ this morning and announced he will now appear on the show once a week, though he didn’t say exactly why he’s cutting back.” — SETH MEYERS

“I think Trump just got ‘Fox & Friend-zoned.’” — JAMES CORDEN

“That’s right, it’ll only be one call a week and 168 hours per call.” — JIMMY FALLON

“Wow! That is cold. That’s like ending a date with, ‘So I’ll see you next Saturday, and every Saturday after that,’ and she says, ‘Uh, you may want to see me next Saturday, but Katie is not committed to that. We’ll take it on a case-by-case basis.’” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“But still, man, I want to give props to Steve Doocy for inviting Joe Biden on the show to make it seem like ‘Fox & Friends’ is a balanced news show. That was pretty cool. Yeah, at the end he was just like: ‘Just to be clear, we will also talk with Joe Biden; it’s only fair. All right, coming up next, are Democrats going to burn your house down while you sleep? We’ll discuss, but the answer is yes.’”— TREVOR NOAH

“The fact that Doocy knew it was 47 minutes shows you how annoyed he was. Not 45 minutes, not an hour — 47 minutes exactly. That’s someone who spent most of a conversation staring at their watch.” — TREVOR NOAH

“You know it’s been a great chat when the person you’re talking to says exactly how many minutes it’s been: ‘Well, we’ve been talking about 47 minutes, Grandma.’”— JIMMY FALLON

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