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TikTok’s Josh Richards Reveals Where He Stands With Nessa Barrett 2 Months After Breakup – E! Online

For now, Josh has his hands full on and off social media. He recently teamed up with Bryce Hall for a new energy drink company called Ani Energy. Josh also was appointed the Chief Strategy Officer for the Triller app.

“Triller is by the artists, for the artists. They are 100 percent creators first. When we first started talking to them, they really listened to our ideas, added to our ideas, started implementing our ideas into the app right away. It was a refreshing feeling,” he explained. “I want everyone to get on it.”

Josh is also excited to explore the music space thanks to a new contract with Warner Music. As for a future in reality TV, the singer is open to exploring the idea.

“I definitely would be open to doing a reality show. I think that myself with Jaden and the rest of the Sway boys and everyone in that kind of group are pretty crazy on and off social media. And I think it probably gets even crazier when the cameras are actually off,” he explained. “So I think people would love it and it would be super entertaining.”

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