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This Django Unchained And Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Theory Doesn’t Fully Make Sense, But I Love It Anyway

As cool as this concept is, it’s not truly one thing that we’ve seen come to full fruition but in Quentin Tarantino’s work. That being stated, the door is actually open for it, and one may even make the argument that the setup already exists in a a lot looser approach between As soon as Upon A Time In Hollywood and Demise Proof. In contrast to the Leonardo DiCaprio-centric idea, the 2 titles are literally set in separate universes, and they’re linked by each that includes Kurt Russell and Zoe Bell. Within the 2019 film, the 2 actors play stunt coordinator Randy Miller and his spouse Janet, and it’s been speculated that they often is the dad and mom/family of the “actors” who play the characters Stuntman Mike and Zoe Bell in Demise Proof. There doesn’t particularly exist any proof that makes that particular connection but between the 2 movies, however that’s the enjoyable of theorizing and hypothesis.

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