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‘The Owners’ Trailer: Looks Like Maisie Williams Picked the Wrong House to Rob

Maisie Williams is an out-of-her-depth burglar in The Owners, a new horror-thriller that’s bound to give people flashbacks to Don’t Breathe. Williams plays a member of a group of young home invaders who get more than they bargained for when the wealthy owners of the house they busted into arrive home. At first, the thieves think they have the upper hand – but that changes very quickly. You can probably guess what happens next.

The Owners Trailer

As the trailer for The Owners unfolded, I thought, “Oh, so this is exactly like Don’t Breathe.” You have a group of young thieves who bust into a house thinking it’ll result in an easy score. You have the owner(s) of the house show up and potentially turn the tables. You have the lead character who is the lone female member of the gang and also hesitant about the whole ordeal.

But as The Owners trailer goes on, it turns into something a bit different, and a little weirder. In the film, “A group of friends think they found the perfect easy score – an empty house with a safe full of cash. But when the elderly couple that lives there comes home early the tables are suddenly turned. As a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues the would-be thieves are left to fight to save themselves from a nightmare they could never have imagined.” That nightmare appears to involve bugs, gas masks, and old people acting really kooky.

Again: a lot of this is very similar to Don’t Breathe, as well as the underseen French horror film Livid, but I’m hopeful that there’s enough variance here to make The Owners stand on its own. In addition to Game of Thrones and The New Mutants veteran Maisie Williams, the cast includes Sylvester McCoy, Jake Curran, Ian Kenny, Andrew Ellis, and Rita Tushingham. Julius Berg directs from a script co-written by Matthieu Gompel.

The Owners opens in theaters (sure it does) and on digital September 4, 2020.

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