The Flash Season 7 Episode Titles Tease The End Of Mirror Master Arc

The Flash Season 7 Episode Titles Tease The End Of Mirror Master Arc

The CW released the titles for The Flash season 7’s first five episodes — teasing the conclusion to the Mirror Master storyline and a fearful future.

The first five episode titles of The Flash season 7 have been revealed — already teasing the delayed conclusion of the Mirror Master arc and a fearful future for the team. Created by Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino, Barry Allen has been a popular mainstay of DC Comics since his debut in 1956’s Showcase #4. Though adapted multiple times in live-action and animation, the character was more prominently brought to life on the small screen by Grant Gustin. After first appearing on episodes of Arrow, the titular speedster was spun off into his own solo series. The Flash has since aired six seasons and was even tied into the big screen DCEU by way of a universe-bending cameo from Ezra Miller’s cinematic incarnation.

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Unfortunately, production on The Flash season 6 was disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, the season was cut short — concluding with 19 episodes rather than its requisite 22. The move served to leave several dramatic cliffhangers unresolved. Firstly, Team Flash was left in a rare position of ending the season completely defeated. With the Speed Force officially dead and Barry’s powers rapidly fading, the new Mirror Master succeeded in her vengeful quest. On top of everything else, Iris West-Allen remained trapped in the mind-altering Mirror Universe and the group’s efforts to create a new artificial Speed Force were left in flux.

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The CW has since released the first five episode titles for The Flash season 7 and potentially hint at what’s to come regarding those lingering developments. The premiere episode will be called “All’s Well That Ends Wells”. While that does little to illuminate actual events going forward, Nash Wells (and the various Wells doppelgangers in his mind) will likely play a prominent role and could help resolve the Speed Force problem. That will no doubt carry over into The Flash season 7, episode 2, “The Speed of Thought” which could see Barry regain his full powers. The third installment is titled “Mother” — which was the moniker bestowed on Eva McCulloch by the loyal mirror duplicates she created. As such, this would make a fitting title for the true finale of the Mirror Master arc and within which Team Flash defeat her once and for all.


The Flash season 7, episode 4, “Central City Strong” will likely be a transition episode. On one hand, the residents of Barry’s native city will probably attempt to bounce back from Mirror Master’s ultimate machinations. On the other, it will have to endure whatever new threat emerges in the aftermath. According to the official synopsis for The Flash season 7, it’ll be one that’s “powerful and devasting” and that will “threaten to tear Barry’s team – and marriage – apart“. That teasing information ties in perfectly for episode five, which has been confirmed to be titled, “Fear Me”.

It’s as-yet unclear who such a declaration could be connected to. However, The Flash season 6 finale would’ve marked a Reverse-Flash return. Equally, the villainous machinations of both Godspeed and Bloodwork were left open going into future episodes. Another option could be that Iris herself may return completely changed by her time in the Mirrorverse. After all, nothing would be as devastating to Central City, Team Flash, and Barry’s marriage as his beloved wife having become as unstable as Eva was. Such a twist would indeed have repercussions that would be felt by every single character on the newly revised team. Then again, it could be a literal fear-based villain that’s entirely new to the Arrowverse. Whatever the case, however, all will be revealed when The Flash returns on February 23, 2021.

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