The Bachelorette: Noah Erb Grew Back Mustache Tayshia Shaved For Movember

The Bachelorette: Noah Erb Grew Back Mustache Tayshia Shaved For Movember

Noah Erb from The Bachelorette loves the Tom Selleck look, and he’s regrown his signature ‘stache. Noah’s Instagram followers think he looks great.

To win the heart of Tayshia Adams, Noah Erb from The Bachelorette said goodbye to his signature ‘stache on last week’s episode, but in the real world, his facial friend has made a comeback. The mustache that caused so much judgment when it arrived in La Quinta, California, is gracing the 25-year-old’s Instagram, and fans are NOT mad about it.

Noah Erb’s arrival on The Bachelorette was controversial from day one. The registered travel nurse from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and three other suitors were brought on exclusively for Tayshia after Clare Crawley’s early departure with fiancé Dale Moss. After the drama and heartache of the first Bachelorette leaving after two weeks, the original batch of guys felt territorial…and Noah’s quirky look made him an easy target. Though Tayshia seemed to click with Noah, especially after he hopped a fence to take on “smokeshow” commenter Chasen Nick during a group date, the mustache was a major turnoff when he went in for the kiss. When Tayshia asked if she could shave off his pride and joy, Noah hesitantly allowed it. “Bold emotions require bold actions…,” he said.

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Though Noah looked like a new man without his mustache, it’s back with a vengeance. On Instagram, Noah Erb recently posted a number of photos that show him smiling and proudly sporting his signature look. One picture shows him in his scrubs with a mustache and beard. After he posted, fans flooded his comments with heart-eye emojis. The picture can be seen below.

It’s possible that Noah abandoned the razor for Movember, an initiative that inspires many men to skip shaving for the whole month of November. Movember is aimed at promoting men’s health by encouraging them to get regular cancer screenings. However, it’s possible that Noah simply wanted the Tom Selleck look back. The mustache seems to give him confidence and fits his personality. It certainly made him stand out from the pack. This isn’t the first time that Tayshia Adams was attracted to someone offbeat. Remember her Bachelor in Paradise relationship with chicken nugget-loving John Paul Jones?

Only time will tell where Tayshia’s heart goes on The Bachelorette, and whether or not Noah’s baby face will make him a stronger contender in the fight for her heart. Despite forming an instant connection with Brendan Morias, who was also married and divorced at a young age, Tayshia’s smile stretched ear-to-ear after she saw the clean-cut version of Noah.

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Source: Noah Erb/Instagram

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