Skip Bayless: If Russell Westbrook plays well like last night, the Wizards will be a handful for the Sixers I UNDISPUTED

After falling short in the 7 versus 8 seed play-in game against the Boston Celtics, Russell Westbrook would not be denied a playoff spot for the eighth seed last night. The all-time triple double leader finished with 18 points, 15 assists and a plus-minus of plus 30 in the 142-to-115 victory over the Indiana Pacers. Scott Brooks gave high praise for Westbrook, saying quote ‘he is a hooper that just plays the right way and hard. I knew he wanted to come back better.’ Skip Bayless explains how the Wizards can be a handful for the Sixers if Westbrook plays well.

AN HOUR AGO・Skip and Shannon: Undisputed・4:18

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