PS5 vs. Xbox Series X Study Reveals Which Console Each Country Prefers

PS5 vs. Xbox Series X Study Reveals Which Console Each Country Prefers

A new study reveals which countries prefer the PlayStation 5 and which prefer the Xbox Series X, using search data and pre-order numbers.

A recent study pits the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X against one another to see which console is the most popular in various parts of the planet. Data was collected from around the globe to determine which upcoming console was the game system of choice in each country, and by extension the world. Both consoles are set to launch in about two weeks, releasing just two days apart from each other.

The latest console battle is nearing its climax as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will soon be in the homes of gamers around the world. Early sales reports for both systems have indicated a surge in business globally and this has largely been attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced much of the world to stay at home in quarantine. Stuck in their homes for prolonged periods of time, people have tried to entertain themselves in a variety of different ways with one of the chief means being video games. The prospect of new gaming experiences in the form of new consoles has no doubt heavily contributed to the slight boom the gaming industry is now in.

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A report from Rise at Seven gives a country by country breakdown of sales figures for the two upcoming consoles and compares them head to head in percentages. The information was compiled via Google search data and online market share and it indicates that online sales figures were higher than originally anticipated for both consoles due to the global pandemic. According to the data, the PlayStation 5 is the console of choice between the two for 84% of the world. Out of the 161 countries where the sales information was gathered, 148 saw Sony’s latest console on top. This has continued Sony’s dominance in the marketplace as the PlayStation 4 had outsold the Xbox One with 113.7 million units versus 48.38 million units respectively.

A closer look at the data, however, reveals that the Xbox Series X is by no means doing poorly. While the PS5 did better in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, it was only marginally ahead, as Sony’s console was only preferred by about 57 percent of players in each of those countries. Microsoft’s largest percentile win was in Afghanistan, where it claimed over 90% of all head to head sales. The Xbox Series X is also the console of choice for the country with the world’s largest population, China, which is a considerable win for Microsoft.

It is eye-opening to see these statistics side by side. There is a perception in modern gaming culture that PlayStation and Xbox are the two titan consoles with the Nintendo occasionally stealing the spotlight. However, when one looks at the data, it is not even close and that says a lot considering Xbox still does very well. In spite of some major acquisitions by Microsoft, Sony convincingly remains on top with no signs of giving up that spot any time soon. As of now, it is the PlayStation 5‘s world and the Xbox Series X is just living in it, but it will be interesting to see how that plays out after the two consoles are actually available.

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The Xbox Series X launches on November 10; the PlayStation 5 launches on November 12 in select countries and November 19 worldwide.


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