Pokémon GO Changes Which Pokémon Can Hatch From Eggs

Pokémon GO Changes Which Pokémon Can Hatch From Eggs

Niantic is finally updating Pokémon GO to include all new possible Pokémon to hatch from eggs, with each new season changing the selection.

The massive hit mobile title Pokémon GO is finally changing which Pokémon can hatch from eggs in the game. New seasonal changes will now take place, with the possible Pokémon that can hatch being pulled from a new pool of Pokémon each season.

Pokémon GO offers a range of Pokémon eggs which can be hatched in the mobile game by moving around in the real world. As an Augmented Reality game, Pokémon GO requires players to move around in their actual environment to gain experience and find Pokémon in the game. Hatching eggs works in much the same way, with the built-in pedometer collecting data on how far players walk every day, even with the app not active. Different colored eggs hatch at different milestones, with eggs hatching at 2 km, 5 km, 7 km, and 10km respectfully. Depending on the distance required to hatch the egg a different kind of Pokémon can possibly be hatched. Hatching eggs requires the use of an egg incubator, and more egg incubators and super incubators can be purchased with real world money and in-game currency for a limited amount of uses to hatch more than one egg at a time.

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Due to the continued work of players around the world assisting Professor Willow in his research, Niantic is mixing up the possible Pokémon that can hatch from eggs, something that has been mostly consistent since launching in 2016. The specifics on how Ninantic will be changing the eggs going forward with each season is yet to be determined, but the developer has provided a long list of new Pokémon which will start appearing in each different type of egg now in the blog post announcing the change.

Recently, Team GO Rocket battles have been rewarding an all-new egg type, Strange Eggs, for defeating both Team GO Rocket Grunts and Squad Leaders. These Strange Eggs can hatch, after walking 12 kms, into either a Larvitar, Absol, Sandile, Scraggy, Trubbish, Pawniard, Vullaby, and Deino. Regular eggs can still be acquired through spinning PokéStops or by opening gifts from friends to obtain the 7 km egg, which contains Alolan and Galarian Pokemon forms exclusively.

Hatching these eggs should help players fill their Pokédex much faster, with previous players likely to return to the game now that hatching eggs has once again become rewarding. Niantic has been making Pokémon GO far more rewarding in the past few months, running a number of events and introducing new mechanics to the game. Here’s hoping the next update will bring in another wave of adorable Pokémon from the newer generations.

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Pokémon Go is currently available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Niantic

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