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Our 13 Favorite (Mostly Free) Games to Play Over Video Chat

I love that people have digitized the classic in-person board game Codenames. There are plenty of different websites you can use to play it, but I particularly enjoy the oddly named “Horsepaste.” Everyone types in a special password to join the same game, and then you split off into teams: red and blue.

You don’t have to share your screen in your video chat to get started. Technically, you don’t even need to see each other, but it certainly helps. One person on each team serves as the “spymaster,” who can see the entire board layout: a grid of words, some of which belong to your team, some of which belong to the other team, some of which belong to nobody. One of them will cause your team to lose.

The goal? Your team has to pick all the words that belong to them before the other team picks the words that belong to them. The spymaster can give a single word as a clue each round. They then have to sit there and watch their team attempt to think their way through the logic of the hint, often gritting their teeth and doing their best to not scream at the screen. There are a few more rules than that, but that’s the basic gist.

Horsepaste is free to play, and I like that you can pick various word lists or languages, or even import your own custom list of words if you’re feeling adventurous. Honestly, I like the implementation so much, I’d almost rather play this version than the physical game. Or maybe I’m just a nerd.

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