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News of Justice Ginsburg’s Death Arrives as Biden and Trump Host Dueling Minnesota Events

“All Trump sees from Park Avenue is Wall Street,” he said. “That’s why the only metric of the American prosperity for him is the value of the Dow Jones.”

Mr. Trump said this week, incorrectly, that “stocks are owned by everybody,” and Mr. Biden took aim at him on that subject, invoking Scranton and Claymont, Del., where Mr. Biden’s family moved when he was a child.

“Trump says, by the way, I’m paraphrasing, everyone’s in the stock market,” Mr. Biden said. “That’s why he cares about the stock market. What the hell’s he talking about? People I grew up with in Scranton and Claymont, they don’t have money in stocks. Every penny we made was to pay the bills and take care of the families.”

Mr. Biden assailed Mr. Trump on a number of other subjects, including his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, his reported comments about fallen soldiers, his desire to cut capital gains taxes and his failure to advance an infrastructure plan.

“I know how to do the job of being president,” Mr. Biden said. “No matter how wealthy Donald Trump is, no matter how much he doctors his, if he does, his tax returns, he doesn’t have a clue how to be president.”

At one point, Mr. Biden described the federal budget deficit as “bonkers.” He also laid out a number of his economic proposals, citing his desire for the government to buy American products when it spends taxpayer money, among other things. “I’m not looking to punish anybody,” Mr. Biden said. “But damn it, it’s about time the super wealthy and corporate America start paying their fair share.”

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