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Machine Gun Kelly Says He Didn’t Think Love “Could Ever Exist” Until He Met Megan Fox – E! Online

Machine Gun Kelly discussed his spirituality and how he and the actress connect on that level as well. 

He revealed that God has been coming to him “in many forms” and shared a few examples of what he meant by that. He explained that his father passed away earlier this summer and he recalled the time he died, which was at 4:44 p.m. He later shared a special moment between him and Megan that reminded him of his dad.

“I climbed to the top of this cliff at my girl’s house,” he began, “And I kept sitting there, on this ledge, and she took a picture of me from where she was at. And I was up there at 4:44, ironically, came back down and looked back up and there was a hawk sitting exactly right where I was at on this ledge.”

He remembered another instance when he hoped to have one more night with Megan before they spent their longest time apart due to other commitments. At the time, he explained there was a hurricane warning.

“It sounds crazy but we talked to this tree… I asked this tree, ‘You gotta move this hurricane. I have to have one more day with this person, I can’t leave early.'” he shared. “I felt like the whole universe at that point could feel… that I was fighting for love. I woke up the next day and the hurricane was over.”

Simply put, he said, “There’s this God energy all-around.”

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