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L.A. Lakers Star Alex Caruso Skips His Sister’s Wedding to Stay in NBA Bubble – E! Online

L.A. Lakers star Alex Caruso is putting his health first amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

The NBA player opened up to ESPN about his decision to skip his older sister’s wedding, which took place over the weekend outside of Austin, Texas.

Originally, Alex planned to attend Megan Caruso‘s ceremony. As he put it, “Megan is as close to my No. 1 fan as anyone could get.”

However, as his sister’s wedding date approached, he contemplated going, especially with the NBA season scheduled to resume on July 30 in Orlando, Fla. and the COVID-19 outbreak surging in Texas.

Megan’s wedding would take place indoors with over 100 guests expected to attend, Alex told the ESPN. He did bring up his family event to Frank Vogel, the L.A. Lakers coach, and Rob Pelinka, the vice president of basketball operations and general manager, who both approved his request to attend.

“The worst-case scenario is that the virus is dormant inside me, I get cleared, and I’m around the whole team,” he thought at the time.

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