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Hulu Buys 100 Hours of Vice TV Content, Including ‘Dark Side of the Ring’

Hulu has picked up some inherent Vice, purchasing 100 hours of Vice TV content, including the series Dark Side of the Ring. This marks Vice Distribution’s first deal since launching this July. So if you’ve been waiting to watch some hot Vice content, but would rather it be available on a readily accessible streaming service, today is your lucky day. Well, not today exactly, but rather the day the content actually shows up on Hulu. You get the idea, don’t’ get fresh with me.

Deadline has the story on Hulu purchasing a bunch of content from Vice. Per their report, the deal includes Dark Side of the RingF*ck That’s Delicious, Bong Appetit, Hamilton’s Pharmacopeiaand WeediquetteI’ll confess that the only one of these I’ve both heard of and watched is Dark Side of the Ring, which is a well-made, often-engrossing show – even for someone like me who doesn’t give two shits about wrestling. As for stuff like Bong Appetit, well, if you’re into that show, you can soon watch it on Hulu. Vice previously launched on Hulu’s Live TV service.

Dark Side of the Ring explores “darkest stories from the golden age of professional wrestling and trying to find the truth at the intersection of fantasy and reality.” F*ck That’s Delicious follows rapper Action Bronson as he “explores some of the hottest food spots in cities he visits during his world tour, in addition to some other activities he participates in like swan diving off from yachts. It’s all part of the rapper’s goal to demonstrate that life is meant to be enjoyed as much as possible.” In Bong Appetit, “B Real, Vanessa Lavorato, and Miguel Trinidad oversee a competition where high-end cuisine meets high-end cannabis.” In Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, “Hamilton Morris — son of Oscar-winning documentarian Errol Morris — explores the history, chemistry and societal impacts of some of the world’s most unique drugs.” And in Weediquette, “Krishna Andavolu explores these heady times by meeting the people whose lives hang in the balance of our new pot paradigm.”

Vice Distribution comes from former ITV Studios executive Bea Hegedus, who joined as SVP, Global Head of Distribution, Vice Studio, and negotiated the deal. Hegedus said: “I am delighted that this new deal continues our successful and long standing partnership with Hulu, home to some of the best content in the U.S. and around the world, which will see a collection of compelling, unique and provocative programming from Vice TV reach millions of subscribers.

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