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Find Out Which Love Island USA 2020 Couples Are Still Together

Jaleb for the win! Season 2 of Love Island USA 2020 has crowned Justine & Caleb as the winners. Find out which of the couples are still going strong.

It’s a match! The 11 singles from Love Island USA have finally ended a stint of isolation after a dramatic season 2.With Justine and Caleb, better known as fan-favorites Jaleb, taking home the grand prize of $100,000 following a month of dumpings and re-couplings, Love Island 2020 has been nothing short of crazy. Apart from the winners, Cely and Johnny, Laurel and Carrington and Moira and Calvin created waves with their connection in Casa Amor. But have the islanders survived life off-surveillance? There’s only one way to know which Love Island USA pairs are still going strong.

Entering into a relationship with a camera constantly watching your every move doesn’t sound like quite an ideal situation. But sometimes, the gamble does pay off with Love Island. Sure, none of the couples from season 1 stayed more than friends, but how are their season 2 counterparts faring? This edition of the CBS show saw a list of changes in this format due to COVID-19, but the contestants have all tasted reality TV success. Johnny and Cely didn’t quite click with the Love Island fans, and many feel that Calvin and Moira were robbed of their second place. Meanwhile, Carrington and Laurel’s track record in Casa Amor is already making fans wonder if they’ll survive the real world. Surprisingly, even post all the drama, heartbreak, and infamous couple shuffles, it seems that a lucky few Love Island residents did walk into the sunset after leaving The Cromwell.

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Carrington Rodriguez and Laurel Goldman

Carrington Rodriguez and Laurel Goldman: Love Island

Love Island fans started second-guessing Carrington after he picked Laurel over Keirstan Saulter and Lakelyn Call. Although Carrington and Laurel do have a connection, fans found their future together to be fickle. Carrington ghosting Laurel was a prediction that many made, especially when he suggested her pursuing other guys in Alabama. Their first and final date had Love Island fans think he loved the car more than Laurel and oddly enough, Carrington is proving them right by not even following his match back on Instagram! In all likeliness, this reality TV amor seems to have breathed it’s last in Casa Amor itself.

Calvin Cobb and Moira Tumas

Calvin Cobb and Moira Tumas: Love Island

Islander Moira was first into James, then Calvin, later Connor, followed by Bennet, and now back with Calvin. Fans just couldn’t keep up with Moira’s many love interests and called her out for being two-faced and pretending to be with Calvin just to stay in the villa. However, post the finale, Calvin and Moira made many realize that they should have come second, at the very least. So are Miss Moira and Calvin a thing? The Love Island couple’s developing chemistry is a definite hint about their future together, as Calvin going down on his knee and his beautiful speech is making fans believe in a happily-ever-after.

Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks

Cely and Johnny supporters were disillusioned when the duvet cover was blown off his secret alliance with Mercades Schell. The longest-running duo on the dating show, from being together since Day 2 did lose some clout. But trust issues aside, Cely gave Johnny another chance to only lose a ton of votes from Love Island lovers. Team Jelly seems to be going strong on social media but many think that Johhny’s cheating ways cost Cely her $50,000. Still, if the couple not having tagged each other in their Instagram pictures is taken as a sign, there are high chances of Cely and Johnny having parted ways after departing Love Island.

Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew

The winners take it all, or do they? A whirlwind summer of love seasoned with shockers met it’s happy ending with America voting Justine and Caleb the rightful winners of $100,000. “I love this girl,” Caleb exclaimed as he split the prize money with his lady-love. The self-proclaimed “king and queen” have been in the running to win the grand prize for weeks, so all the sentiments that fan saw in the finale, were certainly not for show. Caleb, who’s already hinted at Justine being the perfect wife-material also has approvals and blessings from both sets of parents! It’s likely that this royal couple, who’s also the first Black couple pair to win Love Island will be off to build a castle of their own very soon.

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