Amnesia: Rebirth — How to get all the endings

Amn Reb Twr Fin 1

Upon reaching Amnesia: Rebirth‘s Tower stage, you’ll be able to make a crucial decision. This will lead to the game’s endings.

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Amnesia: Rebirth guide — The Tower and the game’s endings

After escaping Amnesia: Rebirth’s Theater, Vitae Lab, and Factory zones, you’ll reach the Town. Next, there’s the Tower which requires you to power-up the elevator.

Here are the steps:

  • Pull the elevator’s lever.
  • Look at the ceiling and open the hatch.

Amn Reb Twr Fin 1

  • Go to the room behind the fountain and head downstairs.
  • You can inspect the fountain if you want.

Amn Reb Twr Fin 2Amn Reb Twr Fin 2

  • Climb down the ladder to reach the elevator’s control system.
  • Pull out the metal bars, then grab the cable and push it through to the opposite side. Attach it to the socket.

Amn Reb Twr Fin 3aAmn Reb Twr Fin 3a

  • Head back upstairs, but watch out for the specter.
  • Ride the elevator.

Amn Reb Twr Fin 4Amn Reb Twr Fin 4

The Throne Room

When you reach Amnesia: Rebirth‘s Throne Room level, you’ll encounter the Empress. Follow her until you reach the crib of Tasi’s daughter.

After their conversation, Tasi will be able to soothe her baby.

Amn Reb Twr Fin 5Amn Reb Twr Fin 5

Once this scene is over, save your game. The decision you make here will influence Amnesia: Rebirth‘s endings.

Anyway, click on the page below for the ending that you need help with:

Amn Reb Twr Fin 6Amn Reb Twr Fin 6

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